Hacker Defender 的作者死了?

在 Sowhat 那里看到这个消息,然后我去原帖看了下。。整理了一下。。

鬼仔:Hacker Defender 大家都知道吧?国外有个论坛说其作者死于车祸了,并对 hxdef 做出高度评价,叙述了 hxdef 对业界的影响。
是有人在 Sysinternals Forums 发了一篇名为“Rootkit author Killed !”的帖子,内容如下:

hf = Holy Father, the guy who coded

the " hxdef " Hacker Defender Rootkit, died recently in a car crash ! I wasn't convinced it was true at 1st, but i've since had it confirmed by " someone " who should know.
Whatever " some " people may think of him and his software, there's no doubt that he was talented. Not only that his RK's, software and info etc, all impacted on the way Operating Systems, AntiVirus etc companies had to start to change and begin to try and improve their security more seriously. A lot has happended over the years, but more often than not, it's too little too late ! Most of the improvements/suggestions and quality Apps etc, have come from smaller lesser known companies, and individuals.

Rootkits were around in small numbers before hxdef appeared on the scene, but it was the release of hxdef that made things a lot easier for more people to take advantage of this technology. Which indeed they did and have done so, in increasing numbers ever since. This led to others coding their own RK's etc, and it's taken some time, but now they are almost " mainstream " !

What needs to be remembered is that, RK's in themselves are not bad at all. It's the Payload that usually comes with it that can, and often does, do the damage etc. The RK's task is to hide/stealth both itself and the Payload. Not all RK's are 100% successful in doing both, or either, but even if the're not they can be very hard to detect and remove. So that's why RK's are a clever invention, however much we despise the Payloads for all they do !

So a chapter in PC history has ended tragically, and i have to say that hf wasn't evil etc, he just enjoyed the challenge. Whatever others did with his and similar Tech, wasn't of his doing ! A gun in itself doesn't do anything whatsoever, it has to be loaded by Someone. Then it has to be pointed and fired by them to do Any damage. The RK is the gun, and the Payload is the bullet.

An announcement will be made shortly over on his website – http://www.hxdef.org/


再贴一下 Hacker Defender 的图吧。。。


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