VMware->MS Virtual Machine 镜像转换器

VMware,MS Virtual Machine两大虚拟机之间能切换么?答案是能!有一个工具名叫VMDK2VHD.它可以将VMware的镜像文件转换到微软的平台上,使用起来也很简单.

from Chris Wolf over at SearchServerVirtualization.com

  • Use VMDK2VHD to convert the VMDK virtual disk to to a VHD
  • Create a new VMC with roughly the same hardware (IDE drives, etc, etc) in Virtual PC 2007
  • Attach your newly created and converted VHD
  • Power up you new VMC, login and wait (a few minutes) for *all* the new hardware to be detected
  • I clicked cancel to the new hardware driver wizard
  • I also clicked no to the reboot – hey livin on the edge here
  • Install the Virtual Machine additions (v13.724)
  • Reboot
  • Let the hardware wizard run
  • Tada!
  • 下载: VMDK(VMWare) to VHD Converter


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