Poison Ivy RAT Version 2.2.0 released! 2007-01-14

昨天想看看自己的 Poison Ivy 上还有机子没,却发现 Poison Ivy 提示升级,看了下,是 Version 2.2.0 。

下载地址: http://www.poisonivy-rat.com/dl.cgi?mirror=220poisonivy-rat.com

It's time for a well needed update of the server core. This time I have added a much stronger encryption (Camellia with 256 bit password).
Due to this old servers wont be compatible with the new client.
Download it here !

Here is the complete changelog (* Changed/Bugfix, + New feature):
+ Client now remembers the column sizes (only in the main window).
+ position button in the DNS/Port-editor.
+ Replace, Rename, Resume file transfers.
+ "Last seen" in the ping column if you select to preserve dead connections.
+ Reset Stats.
+ "Connection attempts" added to client stats.
* Fixed "Goto site" in cache passwords.
* Key log file is now always deleted when you uninstall.
* Fixed Vista compatibility.
+ New "fast button": Monitor CPU/memory status.
+ "Workgroup" added in Information.
+ Copy WAN IP in the connection list.
+ "Hide password" check box next to passwords.
+ Made the Secure Delete much better (now overwrites with random data).
* The server now removes all active-x entries that have the same file path as it self (this should solve all startup problems).
* Fixed the known bug that occurred when you showed the 'data transfers' for the first time while transferring something.
* Changed so that it only requires one click on the tray icon to show/hide the main window.
* Fixed the "JPEG bug #53" when viewing thumbnails.
* When the client reaches the connection limit it will not prune all connections when it pings.
+ Camellia encryption.
+ New authentification method.
* A Socks5 crash bug that occurred when you used "Resolve names remotely" in the connecting client.
* A bug that occurred when you choose "No" on "uninstall applications".
+ Multiple relays now possible.
* When a server that has been injected into a custom process gets restarted it will kill its relay servers (making the ports available again).
* A rare crash-bug when refreshing wireless passwords (only occurred for some).
+ Audio capture added.
* Small improvements to the webcam code.
* Double click on keys in regedit search doesn't crash the server anymore.
* Uninstall removes restricted autostart entries.