New Version of SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

来源:Ferruh Mavituna

鬼仔注:我原来发过一个SQL Injection Cheat Sheet
# 21/03/2007 – v1.2

* BENCHMARK() sample changed to avoid people DoS their MySQL Servers
* More Formatting and Typo
* Descriptions for some MySQL Function

# 30/03/2007 v1.3

* Niko pointed out PotsgreSQL and PHP supports stacked queries
* Bypassing second MD5 check login screens description and attack added
* Mark came with extracting NTLM session idea
* Detailed Blind SQL Exploitation added

# 13/04/2007 v1.4 – Release

* SQL Server 2005 enabling xp_cmdshell added (trick learned from mark)
* Japanese version of SQL Injection Cheat Sheet released (v1.1)

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