GSI (Google Site Indexer)

鬼仔注:自己看下说明吧,google hacking的时候比较有用的。

来源:RootShell Security Group

Google Site Indexer (GSI) is a program designed to create a directory listing when a site has turned directory listing off. It sends requests to google using the site operator. Also it gets the sites robots.txt file.

GSI Website [flags]

Avaliable flags:

-t n waits n milliseconds between searches
-o outputfile specify an output file
-r don't send the robots.txt query so you remain packet-free to the target site
-s don't sent the site: query

GSI -t 1000 -o microsoft.html
–Sends a query of to google waiting a second between the querys. Next it sends a query to It saves the output to a file called microsoft.html.

GSI -r
–Sends a query of to google. It doesn't send a query to robots.txt so you stay packet free from the website. It saves the output to GSI_Results.html.

GSI takes all the directories/file names and makes an html file with links representing the directory structure it determined.

GSI doesn't follow Google's Terms of Service and it doesn't use the Google API. Use at your own risk. (Just Don't send a couple million searches an hour and you'll be fine).



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