Fscan v1.0 : Fast HTTP Vulnerability Scanner v1.0



We have been developing Fast HTTP Vulnerability Scanner as an alternative for reviewing http devices over the network. This tool is able to check the security of your routers by identifying the login entry point and checking more than 160 default passwords.
Make pentests easier with this multhreading scanner and get nice html reports.


Also reviewing default webserver configurations is easier!. FHscan is able to analyze at the same time hundred of hosts and attack user selected ports, for both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The lastest version available, fhscan v1.1, have been improved


This new release includes a lot of new features. It works with our new engine FHSCAN CORE API 1.0 and a powerfull analysis engine:

– CORE: Full multithreading HTTP/1.1 support.
– CORE: Authentication basic, digest, ntlm.
– CORE: chunked Content encoding, gzip and deflate encoding
– Vulnerability database for routers and webservers
– Generic vulnerabilities like HTTP proxy identification, directory listing and default webpages.
– CSS and more detailed html reports.
– New Gui interface under win32 (currently broken).
– Support for win32 and linux platforms.
– More acurated signatures.
– Autoupdate module included.

Download binary (Lastest Build for Win32 + libraries)

Full download (Source code + documentation + samples + binaries + required win32 libraries)

Backtrack package (Source code + Installation script for backtrack)


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