NetHooker v0.3

同样是在zwell's blog看到的,命令行下的抓包工具。

来源:zwell's blog

Version : v0.3

What is Net Hooker?

A tiny tool to catch packets from a specified application. That's all.

Which situation that I could use it?

So, you should think the excellence of it firstly:
demand nothing
catch packets….

How to use it?

It's very easy to use it:

Net Hooker v0.2
Coded By ZwelL
Date : 2006.05.20
Email : [email protected]
Web :
Usage:nethooker.exe PID

Which PID is the process id obviously. And after you runs rightly, you can:

Use 'q' to quit application
Use 'p' to pause/continue
Use 'h' for help information

If you use v0.3, you can use the second parameter to define whether display hex style or not.

like: Nethooker-0.3.exe <PID> 1, then the display will like this:

Click here to download 0.3…