Pedram Amini同学写的工具,Paimei去年还是前年刚出来的时候,dm牛牛就发到了论坛,非常好用的一个工具,很多漏洞重现起来很麻烦,用这个基本上十几分钟就能出来。

PaiMei is a reverse engineering framework consisting of multipleextensible components. The goal of the framework is to reduce the timefrom "idea" to prototype to a matter of minutes, instead of days.PaiMei is written entirely in Python and exposes at the highest level adebugger, a graph based binary abstraction and a set of utilities foraccomplishing various repetitive tasks. The framework can essentiallybe thought of as a reverse engineer's swiss army knife and has alreadybeen proven effective for a wide range of both static and dynamic taskssuch as: fuzzer assistance, code coverage tracking, data flow trackingand more.

The documentation for the framework is available online at: /PaiMei/.

Slides from the public release at RECON2006 are available from my OpenRCE respository:

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